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        Fuzhou Guan Ke home Co., Ltd. is a rising-sun enterprise which integrated Cupboard wardrobe design, research and development, product manufacturing and sales office furniture all-in-one. We always take aims “create first-class company, first-class product, first-class reputation, first-class service” as our responsibility, obtained respect and worship in the same industry.

        We stick to the development guide “brand, international, scale, industrialization”, dedicated into scientific management system realization, owing to fluent sales channels and high-quality talents digging and training, which solid the foundation for the company doing well and strong. Strictly supervise on production equipment, technique, materials. While absorbing the cultural background of the frontier, the product pays more attention to the aesthetic standards of the times., seek for each product keeping precise, with more appreciative value and practical. It has been always popular by the merchants at home and abroad for many years.

        At present, we keep on enlarging market brand shares, meanwhile, we look out the world and expect the future. We explore and try hard to realize production technology deep reform and breakthrough, all our staff work hard to carry out company’s soaring again with their practical spirits, enterprising attitude.